Why does it bother me that my husband watches porn

A few days ago he confided in me and told me that he watches porn a couple times a week. It’ s Human Nature. It becomes an addiction just like any other.

Now as I said before I am not a jealous person I have actually seen my husband looking at other girls while he is with me and it does not bother me at all I’ ve also seen other girls checking out my husband and giving him flirty eyes and smiles and it hasn’ t bothered me because to me I’ ve always thought it was normal, human nature if you. In fact I have given him blowjobs once before while he watched porn and we even watched it together once, which admittedly was a bit awkward. Porn: Why Does My Man Watch? We weren’ t involved sexually ( I wanted to wait), but his porn forced me to feel like I had to sleep with him or else I would lose him. We have been together for 3 years and our 1 year wedding anniversary is getting ready to come.
I suppose watching porn isn' t cheating persay, but it does hurt me. How to Accept Your Boyfriend' s Interest in Pornography. He also said that sometimes he masterbates while he watches. Him knowing you know could lead to a more meaningful conversation about what exactly he gets out of it. It takes a lot of courage to work on something this painful with someone you love.

Upon sneakily asking my friends about porn, more than half of them said they not only watch porn, but would— if they hadn’ t already— watch it with their boyfriends. But if porn makes you uncomfortable, knowing that your husband enjoys it can put a. And that feeling will only be made worse by the fact that her husband will claim it' s ' no big deal, ' and much of society will echo those sentiments. He would swear to me that he hadn’ t watched it, until I told him I had checked his computer.

My man watches porn not to masturbate but just to watch the naked women on there n i think he shouldnt wath it cause he has me n im saying this cause he doenst. Why Does My Husband Stare At Other Women? My last word on this is that I know there is probably a big part of you that loves your boyfriend. And that holds true for women as well. Your relationship is about much more than your physical appearance, though that may be one factor. I surrendered my life to Christ in & so as I am dealing with trying to raise five children in a Godly manner and having all the stresses of motherhood and also trying to be a good wife, I feel deep down that somehow it is my fault my husband watches porn. Whenever i see the porn it makes me doubt myself A LOT. My husband watches porn and we watch porn together, keeping things exciting after 12yrs and 4 kids. Hes a man a lot of men watch porn ( not all i have to add but a lot). Why does it bother me that my husband watches porn. It is part of human nature to look at something or someone we find attractive.

What concerns me though is why is he watching men with men - oh and he also goes on photography sites and searches for gay pictures. I am one of them people who think porn is healthy as my husband watches porn and we will also watch it together. I am 22 years old and currently very much so 5 months pregnant with my husbands baby. I would think this is an important discussion to have before it becomes a bigger one. My husband and I have been going through some " stuff" lately and trying to work on our marriage.
Related: How Porn Hurts A Consumer’ s Partner. This says nothing of what porn does to us as men. This made me feel worthless as a person, more than words can say.

His has been high the whole time. He knows i hate that he looks at porn at least have the decency of deleting it and leaving me to think that he' s not looking at porn. I have been with my husband for almost 4 years, I assumed that he sometimes watched porn but out of sight out of mind so it didn' t bother me. I’ ll start with a question someone asked me recently. I recently found out that my husband has been secretly viewing pornography online for years without me knowing. He also watches a lot of anal sex - now whatever floats your boat, not my cup of tea.

Not only does it make me feel super insecure when he looks at porn but the fact that i' m being rejected and then finding porn on his phone pisses me off. This in no way means that your husband does not find you attractive. Why does my boyfriend watch porn? I feel very hurt by this discovery and disgusted by the thought of what he’ s looking at. Is he bisexual but too afraid to tell me, is he too afraid to admit him to himself. These are the reasons why your husband looks at other women and denies it when you interrogate him.

The thing is, my sex drive was high in the beginning. Sit back while your man watches two people do the dirty and let me tell you why it isn’ t so. It pulls us away from our families, away from our wives, away from God.

No girl would rank the time when she walked in on her boyfriend watching porn as one of the top five best moments of her relationship. Still think it’ s super weird and that I’ m most likely a crazed sex- addict? You say you thought you had something special why have you not got something special you have acted like hes cheated on you, its not the case. As a wife, I understand this can make you feel angry, hurt, betrayed, or discouraged among a range of other possible intense emotions.

To my horror, all his searches involved only men. If it were me I think I would begin with asking him why he is hiding it, that you know he does it, so why try to conceal it? Don' t feel weak if you decide to get back together.
If your reason for not wanting your boyfriend to watch porn is because you don' t want him to find anyone but you sexually attractive, then your intentions are misguided. Still, the fact that your boyfriend watches porn. It does not mean that those people are " bad" or somehow morally corrupt. But what irked me the most was the kind of porn my husband was indulging in; what he had been watching was exclusively homosexual in nature. I told him this and he doesn’ t see it as a big deal.
How to Get Your Husband to Stop Looking at Porn. He does this when I am not home or after I have gone to bed at night. He says “ all guys use porn. When my husband cheated on me, my parents thought I was insane for staying with him. I try and maintain and open mind, but I do have to admit that sometimes it hurts my feelings when he does it alone, due to MY OWN insecurities.

What to Do If Your Husband is Watching Porn Did you catch your husband watching porn or find porn sites in his browsing history? Many people enjoy watching porn.

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