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From Season 12 Episode 06, Over Logging. Awesome Brazilian fart porn DannyB710. The Brazilian fart porn fetish page loads.

[ a view from outside the shed] Ohhhhhhhhh! Best Answer: Randy Marsh - 1. Brazilian fart porn. When Randy cums spooky ghost ectoplasm all over the Red Cross trailer ( from the episode “ Over Logging” ) You know the episode. " When he finally gets some release, it provided the biggest laugh in tonight' s episode: Randy covered in mountains of his own jizz, and explaining, " It wasn' t me, it was a spooky ghost!

Despite being a geologist with a doctorate, he is generally. Randy Marsh is the son of Marvin and Grandma Marsh, the half- brother of Jimbo Kern, the husband of Sharon, and the father of Stan and Shelly. Randy Marsh Over Logging; Marvin Marsh. Choosing the funniest ' South Park' Randy Marsh scenes is a tough job, but we have selected some of our favorites.

The 173rd episode of the series overall, it originally aired on Comedy Central in the United States on April 16,. Randy tries to satisfy his needs in the internet porn simulator. The 20 Best Randy Marsh Quotes. When everyone had some of butter' s magic goo he immediately recognized the taste and said " this is * * *!

The sound of a woman being rammed by an elephant is heard. He first appeared in the Season One episode, " Volcano", and is voiced by Trey Parker. Randy is hitting his stride, then heads towards climax] Aahahaha, yes! Out of Internet and headed out Californee- way, Randy breaks into a Red Cross trailer in a transient camp so he can watch some Brazilian Fart Porn. Internet Porn Simulator - Video Clip | South Park Studios.

Over Logging" is the sixth episode in the twelfth season of the American animated series South Park. [ types away] Let' s get some Brazilian fart porn in there! ] Oh that' s good eh! Randy marsh brazilian fart porn. And Brazilian fart porn. Randy decides to sneak in to use it secretly, looking up bizarre sexual fetishes such as " Japanese girls puking in each other' s mouths, " " Brazilian fart porn" and bestiality.

Randy Marsh is the best character on South Park. By Zach Blumenfeld. Unsubscribe from DannyB710? Some of his Best Moments! The internet is locked up for the night, but Randy sneaks in to satisfy his needs. Attention Trey Parker and Matt Stone: Rick Santorum would like to end Randy Marsh' s right to view Brazilian Fart Porn and slime himself with.

They' ve been surprisingly good about maintaining the awesome with Randy Marsh without ever letting him get played out. Randy loves his nasty porn, explaining, " Once you jack off to Japanese girls puking in each other' s mouths, you can' t go back to Playboy! If you try to get the fart to move like randys, you will fail every time.

Was to get his fix of the weirdest porn on the web. And using the controller the fart cloud will move all the way to the left of the screen instead of settling behind randy like his does, strange but that' s the way it is. And certainly not because of the Brazilian fart fetish that happened to be up on the. Wow, we' ve only had a Whole Foods for a month and already we don' t need cops. The man then charges Randy $ 49 on his credit card, to which Randy replies " Well at least that part' s the same. SpenoSwagger 209, 283 views. " Afterwards, the camp' s computer is locked inside for the night. Brazilian fart porn 2.

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